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Hi and welcome to my site :)

This is where I'll be posting my latest stories which involves The Sims 2 & Test Drive Unlimited. I'm 16 years old (17 this year w00t!).
Enjoy my site! :)

24/4/11 Happy Easter Everyone! Update.

Bittersweet Revenge will be the first of my current films to be released in feature-length. You can expect that to be finished soon. Bittersweet Revenge 2 will follow sometime in the summer holidays!

6/2/11 Happy New Year all! Little update

I have added the other 5 completed chapters of Bittersweet Revenge, that should be finished by the end of 2011 hopefully! I'm also working on Bittersweet Revenge 2 which is coming soon. There will be a 3rd one after that, due for release in 2012 (That's if doomsday doesn't happen!) But like I said have a happy 2011! And expect more updates soon!  The Origami Killer is on hold for the moment. I want to get the Bittersweet Revenge trilogy sorted first. Crimson, out!

25/8/10 New Story Announced! Heavy Rain style!

I have started to work on my 4th TS2/TDU Film and this one is based off PS3's Heavy Rain.

13/6/10 Undercover 2 OFFICIALLY Finished!!!

Woohoo! Undercover 2 is finished! :D Enjoy Chapter 10!

7/6/10 More Undercover 2 Goodness!

Enjoy Chapters 8 & 9 of Undercover 2. This story is almost finished and it's been a pleasure to work on it. :)

5/6/10 Undercover 2 Big Update!

Chapters 5,6 and 7 have been uploaded! Enjoy 'em. :)

22/5/10 Finally an update!

Chapter 4 of Undercover 2 is now uploaded. It took a while because I have been busy this last few weeks.

3/5/10 Undercover 2 update #2

The 3rd Chapter has been uploaded so check it out. The next one maybe later in the week, I don't know yet.

3/5/10 Undercover 2 update

If you thought Chapter 1 was awesome and you wanted more, then I have good news. Chapter 2 has been uploaded!

1/5/10 Undercover 2 In progress! :)

I have just finished creating the prologue, intro & 1st chapter of Undercover 2 Sweet Revenge. There's more to come so stayed tuned! :)

7/4/10 2 Interviews up!

Well I now have 2 interviews with the two main stars of Undercover, Kris Simton & Carmen Di Angelo.

6/4/10 Update #2 One Chapter left!

Yep just  chapter 4 left and then Undercover is finished!! :)

6/4/10 - Undercover almost finished!!

YAY! Almost finished my first story! Just Uploaded Chapters 6 & 8. Check them out! Enjoy! Coming later today are Chapters 7 & 9 (Final Chapter + Credits)

Hey! Check out the first 2 chapters of Undercover!!

Yep. Chapters 1 & 2 are up enjoy 'em. ;) Chapter 3 coming soon! :)

First Story Coming soon!

The first story will be here soon!